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Had a long post earlier and lost it thanks to internet

Let's see if I can get the magic back here:

This is exactly what we want.

Once again there are two outcomes after this year

1) CTT, to paraphrase Jim More, is who we thought she was and she is no longer the coach at Virginia because of a lack of on court success

2) CTT does enough to save her job

In instance 1, any '22 or '23 who commits to use is likely committing to the coach not the school. That also has nothing to say about the quality of the recruit (a fairly maligned topic here) who would look at a school where the coaches hot seat is turned up to "self clean oven" hot. To put it less bluntly, would any HS upperclassmen commit to a school where the coach is in limbo? Sure outliers but in the big rough world of recruiting the odds are against any kid who would being able to to help us long term. Conversely, showing '24 and later the school allows to sell the school and not just the staff. A new staff would have time to recover with a '24.

Now let's say #2 happens and the hot seat gets turned down from "self clean oven" to "car seat on for an hour in a black leather car in Phoenix" hot. Even a tournament bid (as highly unlikely as it would be) does not mean a 10 year contract but resetting the clock. Getting there likely means leaning heavily on transfers. If we have shown success with transfers (and assuming success on the court some level of player development from the recruiting profile we already have), why not have as many spots for transfers as possible? This also leaves spots for late decommits or forced decommits (aka school upgrades coaches and players are told you can come to ride the pine for 4 years or we can assist you with other options). '24 isn't baby sitting but, in sales terms, prospecting. Show the school, show the arena, and if scenario #2 happens and CTT is here then you can also show them you are the long term solution at Virginia. Easy sell if you know at that point who fits your system.

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