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I haven't had time to read any of the latest and I will, but with a moment

just to comment on one of your primary points -- the term "approved".

Respectfully, I think those who are focusing in on this word as a critically important piece of the analysis -- I think this is looking too hard for a problem that need not exist. We are in uncharted territory for so much of this. I get the importance of careful analysis and decision-making -- both as a citizen and a lawyer myself. It matters in this case and we are always trying to make decisions that set prudent precedent. Words need to mean something. But dissecting the word "approved" in this case is in my opinion a bit of an excuse. One should look at the substance of what has been approved and how at this point to make a sound judgment regarding whether it is reasonable for a school to consider the vaccines "approved" in a context that supports their policy decision.

I have posted on this before so trying not to be repetitive -- but the summary comment is that those who are focusing solely on the EUA aspect of this and then trying to frame the vaccines as essentially "dangerously experimental" or vaccines where we have somehow cut so many safety or other corners that we have almost no idea what is going into people's bodies -- that is simply not an accurate description of what exists. I prefer the schools take a deeper look and not get caught up solely on what lawyers can theoretically argue about and if they feel given the facts and very transparent background in this case that the current vaccines are "approved" to a standard that makes them feel comfortable with everything -- then they are well within their right to proceed.

I am sure there will be other lawyers who disagree and this is what lawyers fight about all the time. But as a matter of policy, this seems very justifiable regardless of EUA. I'd also note that if the crux of the debates begins to hinge on EUA -- the second any vaccine moves past EUA (and it will happen much sooner rather than later) -- the debate will then rage about such a move "only being political". Sadly, I'm sure this will happen regardless, but with schools starting up in the fall and at least one other variant clearly taking hold in many places -- it just is not that hard to understand why schools would choose to move forward with this policy.

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Posted: 07/08/2021 at 7:15PM


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