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McKoy's lineup stats were not good

There is not enough data for me to do the same exact comparison as I did with Murphy, since he had only a handful of possessions alongside both Huff and Hauser. He usually came in for one or the other.

His most common lineup was as a post pair with Hauser, which had 46 possessions. It was not good, but with only 46 possessions the sample size is light.

Clark-Beekman-Murphy-Hauser-McKoy (46 poss): Oeff 1.00 PPP, Deff 1.05 PPP, Net -0.05 PPP

If I remove McKoy and put 'anyone' in his place, that anyone will usually be Huff:
Clark-Beekman-Murphy-Hauser-notMcKoy (539 possessions): Oeff 1.17 PPP, Deff 0.98 PPP, Net +0.19 PPP

If we remove McKoy AND Huff, then we get some kind of comparison between McKoy and his fellow benchers (Caffaro, Shedrick, Morsell, Woldo):
Clark-Beekman-Murphy-Hauser-anyoneOtherThanMcKoyHuff (84 possessions): Oeff: 0.99 PPP, Deff: 1.15 PPP, Net -0.16 PPP

These 84 possessions were a relatively equal blend of Caffaro (who did better than McKoy), Morsell (who did worse) and Woldo (who did much worse, especially on defense).

So here is what we can say about McKoy - he was a better substitute for Huff than Morsell or Woldo.

There is almost no data on McKoy being used as a substitute for Hauser - just 10 possessions. Other than as a Huff substitute, his second most common usage was as a 3 alongside Huff/Hauser, which was a strong defensive lineup but had no scoring ability despite the presence of both Huff and Hauser.

McKoy-Huff-Hauser (49 possessions): Oeff 0.83 PPP, Deff 0.80 PPP, Net +0.03 PPP

Trust me that this was far far worse than Murphy at the 3, and also worse than Morsell or Woldo at the 3 alongside Huff-Hauser. With those 2 on the floor (Huff-Hauser) we were almost universally a great team EXCEPT when McKoy was the 3. He was undeniably a terrible 3 with that pair.

Murphy-Huff-Hauser: Net +0.21 PPP
Woldo-Huff-Hauser: Net +0.20 PPP
Morsell-Huff-Hauser: Net +0.12 PPP

So McKoy as a 3? Terrible.
McKoy as a 4? Rarely tried since Hauser played so much, and when he sat the team tended to drop Murphy down to the 4.
McKoy as a 5? Passable minutes-eater while Huff was on the bench, but not as good as Caffaro.

I think McKoy's natural position at UVa was as a 4, but Murphy's offensive synergy with Hauser pretty much blocked him entirely from getting many minutes in that role. He failed his audition as a 3 so was left with some backup-big duty when Huff was on the bench.

(In response to this post by FredArbiter)

Posted: 07/14/2021 at 2:41PM


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