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Need good advice in making a snide remark:

I am a board director of my local HOA. This past Friday our board, along with a couple other local HOA's called for a meeting with our city manager, city engineer and district commissioner, to discuss drainage issues and a few other items that are having negative affects on our communities, due to a new development adjacent to ours. This city manager is new to his job, and it is only the 2nd time I have been in his company. I had no interaction with him the at the first meeting. However, Friday there were a number of topics to discuss with him. Sitting in the city community room waiting with some others, this gentleman walks in wearing a VT polo shirt - the city manager. This day was one of the few days I did not have on any clothing stating I am a UVA man. There was no time to make any personal exchanges as the meeting was quickly called to order. After the meeting I introduced myself and commented on his Hokie affiliation and my affiliation. He told me he was class of '84. He talked about his days in Blacksburg and how it was miserable in the winter and that you had to go to Roanoke for any type of fun. I was not going to say anything derogatory about VT, and tried to keep everything professional. As I was being called away to leave, the city manager called out my name and said: " What was TJ's biggest mistake"? I did not bite, so after a pause he said "not Sally Hemmings, but building UVA". I was speechless, trying to understand the finitude under which I needed to operate. Thankfully, a fellow board member pulled me away to leave.
My blood has been boiling since then. We have a follow up meeting with the city manager and engineer in 2 weeks. I can think of a number of things I would like to say to him at the close of that meeting, but I wanted some input from you all. I need a really good zinger, not protracted, not maundering, but hard hitting, with maybe a 1/2 punch first. Please help me in my response. I do not want this as a direct personal deep cut, but more about the inutility of attending VT,
Please help with my response. TIA

Posted: 08/22/2021 at 8:05PM


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