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Kris, we all know ops facility is #1 priority. That’s a given. But a few…

things aren’t going to change. C’ville-Albemarle is too small of a market to come even close to filling Scott. It will require the key population centers such as DMV and 757 to help rebuild those numbers.

My kids and their friends are alums, mid-to-upper 30s with high earnings and discretionary income to be ideal targets as ticket buyers. Unlike their parents, none of them are interested in committing to be season ticket buyers. They may choose to come to a big game once a year (or homecoming) and can find tickets through friends or 2nd party sellers. They have zero interest after grinding through DC area traffic 5 days a week of getting in a vehicle 7 Saturdays in the fall to battle traffic on a 6th day.

That’s why I suggest the days of consistent crowds of high 50K is long gone. There may be one or two a season. And I give Bronco/Carla kudos for the student outreach program to cultivate a fandom beyond four years on Grounds. But the DMV will remain a key component with over 40K alums currently there and a major employer of our graduates to attract future ‘Hoos.

How do you motivate enough fans to walk away from 60+ inch screens, surround sound, food/beverages of choice with every game being broadcast to drive 2 1/2 hrs? It’s a lot different than walking from the dorms, JPA apartments or a Rugby Road House.

Therefore, the dynamic I described above is not going away. UVA can only hope that the grads from this decade will reinvest in football much stronger than those from the previous two decades. Because that’s where the gap in support resides right now and immediate future that prevents larger attendance with greater consistency.

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Posted: 09/15/2021 at 05:29AM


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