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ITS been 48 hours (almost)

a couple of thoughts
1) Brennan Armstrong is so damn good right now its scary he is the 1st team all acc player and POY for now...Sam is second...his accuracy was insane saturday night...My compliments to WR crew too the BIG TE will look good on my Fantasy FB team next year! Wicks was unreal as well...However Armstrong and Downs were the 2 best players on field last night
2) If i Were coach mendenhall, ( I texted my brothers this post game) Mandy would be running stairs for a month or so and he should have no press access...I know its a cheap thought but he poured gasoline on the carcass of the OL which was getting torched and they stood up...I was very worried about the D scheme which has given heels fits the past 2 years in run game but Ill leave it there
3) The No quit attitude has to be loved by your fanbase...I knew when Mack went for FG we would be down at half...that was a no brainer but the hoos never gave up which says a lot about the players and coaches
4) Broncos sweatshirt was awful....looked like something from harry Potter
5) The weak Florist deacs will be tough like hoos super well coached and have a demon for a qb...
6) Onward and upward i still like projection of this team and to beat the hokies come November...

Posted: 09/20/2021 at 5:45PM


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