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Wife @ ATL for daughter so beer, the game and some thoughts on questions.

Laws of the Game: They are written and changed with the feedback of owners, coaches/managers/referees and indirectly the players. It is why High School has a different set of rules from College and Professional. Quite often we see law changes long after officials have been applying them via Law 18, the unwritten law of "spirit of the game." For example, the last major iFaB rewrite codified no more ambulance tackles, those tackles that get all ball but force the player in possession to jump out of the way to avoid going to the hospital. Sure it was legal, and the defender got all ball but players clearly wanted those gone, as did managers who wanted to hold possession and owners who wanted their investment protected. Its not the 60s anymore. More speed, skill and money. We had been calling these more and more from 2010-2015 until it went into law. So when you see things that may not be "official," now you know. It is players talking to refs on the pitch and refs realizing they are correct and adjusting.

Hiring/Firing: I will speak to NCAA, where the league commissioner hires an assignor to provide officials for the games. The assignor keeps a list of referees, operating as independent contractors, and assigns games while taking a cut of the officials fees. If Refs dont like the assignor or how they operate or support them, they do not take games. But officials do want good games with a good crew to make some $, and have some fun. So we see the guy in todays game, and we have seen him a lot. A players ref, who does bigger games with a good young crew. He is very good, in demand and can choose his games. A bit of a dance. That said, coaches have no say over who will do the games, but coaches/ADs can refuse an official. GG and Carla dont like what happens, they can blacklist someone. Todays ref is very good, but will never get a PRO badge and I suspect does not have a USSF Regional level badge. Cannot see him passing that crazy fitness test. My Badge is Regional Emeritus.

There was a question as to why the ref was talking more to our fouled player than the guy who fouled him. I did this yesterday at a Woodberry game. Woodberry, fielding their best team since 2004, have been pretty dominant. Opponents came in with a game plan to be very physical and take Woodberry out of their system. A hard tackle by opponent left Woodberry player down and holding an ankle. I pop a quick caution and let the defender know that finishing the game means settling down. But my main discussion is with the Woodberry player. Gauge his "temperature," checking for potential retaliation. "Take you time. Get your blood circulating. You okay? Hey, I know you got hit, but play your game. No revenge stuff, play your game..." Player nods..."yes sir" and restarts and balance of game I hear him talking to his back line to be quiet and play "our game." Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

A question of why is a foul not the same at all times and places. A question first: DO we have different reactions to our sons saying "f--k you" to their friends vs their mother or a police officer? Same words, but very different circumstances. And a quick story I have stated before. At a senior clinic with a FIFA1 something was made very clear. Do not call a foul that gives a team a huge advantage they would not otherwise have. I had a HS game where the defender, at midfield passed the ball back to the keeper, who picked it up in the box despite no opponent within 40 yards. Clear pass back, that if called, gives one team a good shot on goal when they were no where near anything of the sort. I did not call it.

Holding in midfield vs in the PA? Jersey tug right in front of the bench is an easy call. Keep the coach and bench from riling up with little chance an immediate scoring opp and changing the game. Jersey tug outside of far post while a ball is crossed into a herd of players at near post is also an easy NO call. Player that got the tug was no where near the ball, which was played by the 5 guys at the near post. Call a PK and change the game? No thanks.

Attrition. A few years ago a survey was done on the new refs who quit. Over 80% responded it was the fans/parents. One of our sabre soccer posters volunteered to be a "club linesman" recently at an undermanned tourney because we did not have enough officials and he still got crap from parents.

On a personal note. If I had a $bill for every chunky lame ass parent younger than my kids, sitting under an umbrella on a hot day giving me advice while I run 2-3 games I would be rich. You dont like the calls, get your badge and be part of the solution...but you will come to my side...and really want me on your crew... insert evil laugh....

This long ass post was brought to you by Bearded Iris "Double Scatterbrain," a Citra DDH from the chillest brewpup I have been to in the entire country, located in Germantown Nashville. In the 80s I was the wine guy at fancy pants French and Italian joints. Now I like fancy pants my fuzzy slippers on this cooling night, resting for a double header tomorrow. I promise you that doing a game with me will be more fun than watching one...

Posted: 09/25/2021 at 7:18PM


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