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Chris Graham's latest dumb column on Newslink

First of all, the idea that fans are calling players and coaches and leaving "threatening messages" sounds entirely made up. Who has their phone numbers? It's not 1975. And almost no one among the fan base is expecting UVA football to win NCs. That's a straw man argument. We do expect not to be embarrassing. Many of us would, like Graham says of himself (in a very self-congratulatory and morally superior tone), be pleased with a consitent 8-9 game winner that does things the right way with players and coaches who don't embarrass us. There is nothing to suggest this team will reach that mark. So that would be twice in 6 seasons that we did. Both with Bryce Perkins at QB. Yeah, Chris, UNC and Clemson are also 2-2. But UNC beat us by 20 last week. And Clemson lost to GA and NC State. Maybe Wake is comparable to State but UNC sure as crap isn't comparable to GA. And Clemson lost at State in OT. Not at home by 20. Our performance has absolutely been worse than those two.

Posted: 09/27/2021 at 2:01PM


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