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It’s really become a cult. The con is that they are bringing exclusive and

elite experience to the middle class. Their whole system is to get you invested in the club and then you are willing to pay whatever, and put up with anything, because you are in for a penny, in for a pound.

The marketing team at Apple has done an incredible job taking an average product and making it appear as though a handful of people can get their hands on it. It’s baffling. They expand into Apple TV (awful) a streaming tv subscription (awful), now….cars? We received a free subscription to the Apple streaming service and other than a couple original shows I couldn’t figure out the benefit. Wow, I want to watch this movie you offer but have to pay for it? It’s like a micro version of a Prime membership with a crappier selection. Apple TV? Pay 100-200 bucks for something a $30 firestick will do. Have a wonderful Apple phone that takes 30mb photos and 4K video? Oh, you don’t have enough storage to back that up? Well, here’s the iCloud fee model.

Apple is one of the only companies I have ever seen that actually takes away stuff from you so you are forced to to buy more of their stuff. They call it innovation and people buy it. Literally.

It’s amazing.

At my last job they gave me an iPhone. It was so inferior to my Pixel, I only used it for work calls and used my personal device for everything else. It was so hard to integrate with the company that even getting work email on it was a chose. My new company…I get a MacBook Pro. It has been one of the worst products I’ve ever had to deal with. The M1 chip was rushed to market so I cannot set up a duel monitor. The wireless connections to third party ergo keyboards and mice suck and lose connection all the time so I ended up having to spend 250 bucks on a tiny keyboard and something called a Magic Mouse. What makes it magic? It’s small, is able to connect with Macs, and despite being another inferior product….it’s able to extract near $100 bucks from your bank account.

If you are in the Apple club, honestly, I’m sorry. Perhaps on the inside you really don’t know how bad it is. If you aren’t in the Apple Club…don’t go near it. It’s like a sugar addiction at Beluga caviar prices.
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