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Explain to me the philosophical differences for the front 6/7

and maybe I can agree.

One of the key concepts of the 4-2-5 which was developed to stop the spread offenses in the 90's was that you had at least 2 or 3 "tweeners" on your defense. Typically it was at least one smallish DE with a tradeoff for speed in lieu of size. As a side note, I believe New Mexico (St?) ran this defense and the tweener was Urlacher S/LB. TCU also runs this defense and have had the Jerry Hughes DE/OLB tweener. Then it has a hydrid safety/LB and sometimes a hydrid S/CB (typically this would be a nickel package CB who is covering a TE of other receiver).

Pretty sure Foster at VT ran a version of this. He put studs at the tweener positions. Adibi, Chancellor....etc. He usually had one real stud DL sometimes 2 in the interior.

Where do you see our personnel right now fitting? That is probably what the coaching brain trust is trying to figure out. I look at our current depth chart and see the following.

Alonzo - Much more of a disrupter than 2 gapping DT. More of a 3-4 DE
Famaui - Much more of an interior disrupter like a 4-3 DT
Carter/Redmond - Prototypical 3-4 NG (space eater)
Atwari - More of a typical 4-3 DT or a 3-4 DE

Nick Jackson - Prototypical 4-3 inside out pursuit LB (think Ray Lewis)
Stewart - I would say he is a prototypical strong side OLB in a 4-3 defense but we don't run that
Eliott Brown - ????? is he really a LB or some hybrid safety/LB
Taylor - Seems like the whip LB used my FOster at VT. Not going to set the edge and not going to cover people but can apply pressure by defeating OTs with speed and RBs with strength.

I won't talk about the CBs as I think Johnson, Hayes and Grant fit the bill for just about any defense as serviceable CBs.

J. Blount - I view him as a prototypical SS in an old era running the alley and cleaning up tackles does not have the size to be one of the tweeners in a 4-2-5.
D. Cross - If he were more physical then he would be that tweener. Big enough to come up in run support and just fast enough to cover inside receivers. But right now his tackling ability is a hinderance to whatever defense we are running.

I just don't see an off the shelf system that as a whole is complimentary to our personnel right now.

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Posted: 09/28/2021 at 6:49PM


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