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I am talking about the non-lacrosse factors for a recruit

We UVA alums tend to be pretty myopic when it comes to our alma mater. We can't imagine anyone not wanting to go to UVA, when in fact there are a lot of kids of all kinds for whom UVA is not their top choice.

As far as things I am talking about when it comes to recruits:
It is going to be reputational things around: Academics, job prospects, culture on campus/grounds. I don't think we lose on what degrees we offer (because we offer almost all and do most very well), but there are plenty of people who think the academics at a lot of our competition is equal to or better than ours. There are many schools that are renowned for the strength of their alumni network - esp when it comes to hiring: the ND mafia is ridiculously strong for any who have had a peak behind that curtain; Duke does a great job of hiring their own, even W&L probably does a better job than UVA on that front. In terms of culture, let's be honest with ourselves - UVA comes across as quite satisfied with itself (I am as guilty as anyone), but it can turn people off. Duke is the same way, but they counter that with the Cameron Crazies and the fact that ESPN needs knee pads when it comes to things Duke. There are going to be some conservative kids who will be turned off by the Ivies... but could be just as happy at ND, UNC or Duke as at UVA in terms of that fit.

It is also going to be geographic: I have seen a lot of athletes pick an inferior school (on EVERY metric) because it is closer to home and their parents can watch them play.

Legacy and other similar connections to a school factor in - some kids want a connection that might come from the fact that their parents or siblings or a guy who was 2 years ahead of them in HS went to a certain school.

And it could be (and quite often is) tied to girls. Whether their girlfriend is going to a particular school or the recruit just thinks the girls at another school are "hotter".

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Posted: 10/01/2021 at 12:45PM


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