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Of course they say it is not misleading

The organization misleading you will of course say that it is completely accurate to report by date of death. That is their story and they are sticking to it.

But pretending that on a day they received over 300 death certificates that they only got 25 because only 25 of them were dated the previous day, is deception. The old deaths push up the hump in the past higher and higher, but things will always look good in the present. Oh I know we told you on Sep. 30 that only 25 people died on Sep. 29, and we are banking on the fact that you won't bother checking in 3 weeks and see that in 3 weeks when more death certificates from Sep. 29 have had time to roll in that we will now faithfully report the fact that, oh, actually, 300 people died on Sep. 29 despite what we said to you on Sep. 30. Instead in 3 weeks all you will notice is that now we are saying only 23 people died on Oct. 14, which is a huge decrease from Sep. 29 so things must be better now.

They chose a reporting method (date of death) that pretends deaths never happen until weeks later when the certificate is finally recorded at the state. This way, when they put up a graph that shows deaths by date, you see a hump in the past diving down to almost zero in the present. Even in the middle of a surge in deaths the graph will always show deaths plunging in the past week as if it is all about to end.

Most responsible health departments realize that since data like this is useless if reported for days when not all death certificates are recorded yet, to not even show the misleading data. Instead they either report deaths by date of report (so that each day they plot all the deaths they learned about that day), or do not show data at all for days in the past 2 weeks where they know the data is incomplete and misleading.

You may prefer to be lied to, or you might prefer to believe a liar when they tell you they aren't lying. I don't.

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