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Agree. The homework has gone over the top in recent years. Our district..

..(NoVa) is particularly bad. When I was a High Schooler, many moons ago, we had time to get our homework done, play a sport or participate in a couple extra curriculars, perform a healthy workload of chores, and still have some time to good off with friends .. All while compiling a UVa-worthy transcript.

Nowadays, even the "basic" curriculum involves too much for the above dynamic to survive, let alone the AP-loaded curriculum demanded by UVA and other top schools.

As you note, being a high schooler these days is pretty much a dawn til bedtime proposition.. And I really wonder if kids are actually learning anymore than they used to, or are any better prepared for the real world. (I recall one of the exercises that my boys were hit with in English classes being extremely lengthy, weekly vocabulary lists, a significant portion of which involved extremely obscure/arcane words that even I did not know and I have been blessed to have developed an exceptionally large vocabulary.. in other words, words they were almost certain to never use or need to know) Seems like a lot of them are missing out on real-life and non-"academic" experiences.

One of my own sons has actually on a couple of occasions questioned his academic choices in that regard (going "all in" on AP courses, while also being a year round varsity athlete) and whether or not he missed out on some of the HS/teen "experience". During the school year he was, consistent with the dynamic you note, pretty much engaged from dawn til bedtime in school, and didn't even have a lot of time on the weekends.. And the crushing homework burden was a big component of that

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