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JPJ's design (flat end) maximized the seating capacity for concerts

Most concerts are end stage concerts, which means the seats behind the stage are not used. If the arena is a completely symmetrical arena, you would lose a higher percentage of seats than an asymmetrical arena like JPJ.

In other words, JPJ (capacity of 14.6K for basketball) will seat about the same as a 16-18K (for basketball) symmetrical arena for an end stage concert setup. If the arena design is symmetrical, a much higher % of the capacity is at one of the ends of the arena and not available for end stage concert setups. Pretty sure I've read that many arena's over the last 10+ years have been designed to be asymmetrical is to maximize the % of the seats available for end stage concert setups.

Now, UVA may have had other reasons for the asymmetry design of JPJ, but I think one of them was what I mentioned above. If JPJ were the same capacity, but symmetrical, it would seat less for end stage concert setups, as more seats would not be used.

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