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Great minds think alike

This is not opinion, but "science" (fact)
I just saw that a Harvard report was issued today that affirms exactly what I said above---albeit, they said it in a much clearer way.
Their study repeats the same findings that were in a Stanford report released one month ago (with no fanfare). In fact, it looks like there is little correlation between the number of people vaccinated and cases---think about that.
Again, I'm vaccinated and I know I can still get very sick and given my age, etc, I could die from Covid (however, VERY unlikely with either because I am vaccinated)---but it is NOT because somebody else is not vaccinated
The vaccines mandates appear to serve no purpose except to force people to get vaccinated for their own good vs any protection of others. I think we are reaching a tipping point---when the skies are at risk due to airline personnel walkouts, etc, it changes the game.
Football games--100,000 people gathered unmasked in SEC football games vs elsewhere. Firings of health care workers, military personnel, other critical positions---People are going to start asking for what?
People banty around that its all about "politics"---its not, its being straight as to individual vs societal risk.
I talk to so many smart people who have no clue of the "science", the facts, etc. --- grandparents and parents terrified of going out due to the risk of being exposed to covid and giving it to their grandchildren/children---when, in fact, the actual threat of sickness/death to children has been/is
much great from the flu. Nobody seemed to be obsessed about that I am not ignoring the fact that Covid can be very serious, but I am saying that ignorance is perpetuating irrational fear and no one from the current administration seems interested in clarifying---why?

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Posted: 10/13/2021 at 6:45PM


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