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Another: How much collateral damage will you accept? My aunt died < 24 hrs

.. post-vax. Completely healthy, with no history of heart disease. Started feeling bad within 2 hours of being vaccinated, worsened as the day went on, became scared but was told she was just experiencing normal side effects. Died during the night.. Official cause of death heart attack. My mom was the last person to talk to her.

Proof of vax causation? Extremely difficult. It always is. But, based on our family's interaction with various support groups for families in similar situations, (and this is without even considering the VAERS data) there are thousands of such cases-- close proximate death to the vaccine following immediate adverse symptoms, with no other causation of death in evidence.

So, if that is the case.. Heck, even if you assume the number of vaccine related deaths is only in the hundreds.. Is that worth it to you? Do those numbers, even if in the thousands or tens of thousands, pale in comparison to the number of covid-19 deaths? Absolutely, without question. But how much comfort is that to the families who's loved ones have died or suffered long-term or permanent disability (GBS, serious myocarditis, etc)? This is a question that I think people need to, or that I at least hope people would consider as they push for vaccine mandates or other measures such as lockouts or passports to coerce vaccinations.. particularly as the evidence mounts that these vaccines are not (similar to fluvax and dtp) "sterilizing" vaccines, and as the evidence accordingly becomes thinner that they provide a significant barrier against transmission.

Are the vaccines protective, individually, against serious disease and death? That seems fairly clear at this point, even considering the "fading" of protection. Are you foolish, from a personal health standpoint, for refusing the vaccine? Arguably to very likely depending on your risk profile.. However, absent a demonstrated sterilizing effect or otherwise significant societal transmission benefit, is such personal "foolishness" significant justification to coerce someone to undergo a procedure or take a substance that may-- even if the cases are relatively rare-- seriously harm or kill them?

Because those cases aren't just numbers. They're people, like my aunt, and families, like mine.

Just a thought

And a related question, of course, is how much freedom of choice you are willing to deprive your fellow citizens of.. not just on individual basis, but as a systemic issue that might establish precedent for the future..

Especially given, for both questions above, that there is a readily available
vaccine that you know you or your loved ones can take (and retake, at your option) to provide almost complete protection against disease and death...
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