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Sometimes Duke's incoming 5 stars crap out and sometimes ...

... Duke's incoming 5 stars lead them to a natty.

But I think the analysis that Duke's roster is "business as usual" is a failure to grapple with the details. (btw, this isn't just you, you're just a poster I enjoy engaging with; I also have seen this in @StLouHoo season preview intro for HoosPlace, linked below).

There are tools we have to decipher if a Duke frosh crap is more Jalen Johnson or more Zion/RJ, that can help us determine if they will be good.

St Lou's quote is "Duke will probably be everyone’s Preseason ACC Champion pick out of lazy habit, unnecessary reverence for its latest haul of baby-faced 5-stars, ..."

My reverence for Duke's haul is based on watching those guys play. True, not a minute yet in the ACC, but it's not nothing. Some of this "know-nothing"-ism re: talent until it plays in between sporcle commercials irks me.

It's basically like the NBA front office that really didn't want to go to Europe circa 1995 or so. Ignore the details if you like, but it's 2021, and just because UVa doesn't like to take advantage of them, we have ways of trying to figure out who's good or not that doesn't just rely on a Rivals list. And the good news is it's all on your computer. You don't even have to get a flight to Sarajevo like they did in the 90s!

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