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Lowest common denominator, huh? Ever been to trick or treating on

The Lawn?

A lot of opinions on the Board from a lot of folks who have never been there.

It's chaos. It's a bunch of snotty-nosed kids in very tight quarters, pushing their way towards the entrance to each Lawn room. A lot of really young kids, many of whom whose parents just trot them out there with absolutely no supervision or awareness of spacing (Covid or not).

We werent going to go. In the past month, my kids have gone to Universal Studios (on flights no less) and football games, and we felt completely safe. So we arent "the lowest common denominator" (whatever the hell that even means) and think it's an unsafe environment.

I make no judgements on whether or not it should be cancelled but when someone like me, who allows their kids to do 95% of their pre-Covid activities doesn't think it's safe, and has been to the event for 12 straight years (before 2020)... maybe those who haven't been there before should think twice before forming an opinion on the safety of the event.

But I guess the "lowest common denominator" can also mean those who form opinions across the board about Covid without any consideration of the facts of the situation.

(In response to this post by 111shamrock)

Posted: 10/19/2021 at 08:06AM


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