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Free 24/7 HD ACC Network (ACCN) stream for anybody anywhere (links)

While the free USTVGO ACC Network stream is just SD (640x360), this ACC Network stream is HD (1280x720).

Think of this as part "teach to fish" and part "give a fish." If you la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la, don't care, don't care, don't care, don't care, and just want a fish, skip down to the JUST GIMME A FISH, DAMMIT section a little more than 3/4 the way down this post.

The following is the link to the ACCN stream player web page:

Follow the instructions per the example picture below to avoid any YourSports website sketchiness.

The clickable link below is the dynamic quality underlying HLS (m3u8) stream URL for the above, i.e.,

Note that neither of the above is likely to change for for a while.

Note that you may need to copy and paste the URL into your browser's address bar, i.e., instead of simply clicking on it.

If it plays for you, it means you're using a browser that's capable of native HLS playback (some operating systems have it built-in, e.g., MacOS, iOS; HLS was developed by Apple) and you're home free.

If not, see "How to View and/or Record HLS URLs" at:

Heck, check it out anyway if you want ways to play (and even record) HLS (m3u8) and MPEG-Dash (mpd) streams in ways other than just in a browser, e.g., via media players like VLC and PotPlayer or even media streams like a Roku player.

HLS (m3u8) dominates now, but MPEG-DASH (MPD) is coming. That's both good and bad. It's good because it's non-proprietary, with international standards. But it's also bad in the sense that MPEG-DASH has much more robust and hardened DRM (Digital Rights Management) that makes access permission much more difficult to crack. Even the pirates have started using it, making it much more difficult to even pirate from the pirates.

Note that recently, ESPN literally overnight (9/30-10/1) switched all their linear TV channel streams to the MPEG-DASH streaming protocol (ESPN+ always has been).

Hint: The simplest solution is to install the "Native MPEG-Dash + HLS Playback" add-on/extension that's available for both Chrome and Firefox. For details, see see

Alternatively, in 3 easy, no muss, no fuss steps:

1. Copy the underlying Yoursports ACCN HLS stream URL given above (and linked below)

2. Paste the URL into the “Input stream URL” entry box of the web-based Akamai HLS (hls.js) / MPEG-Dash (dash.js) Player


3. With “hls.js” selected, click "Play stream"

4. Profit


Here it is as a URL with all the above already done for you, such that all you need to do when you get there is click "Play stream":

You can find all this URL and others in the "Hoo TV Value-added Subscriber Recommended Streams" document at:

The and sites recently bit the dust (some time during the first week of October). is in the process of being resurrected as and, but it's currently still missing a lot of channels available in it's previous incarnation, e.g., the ESPN family of channels is incomplete and what's available is not really provided in the "TV LIVE STREAMS section. It was just easy enough to figure out what they were.

There's still no word on a replacement site for

Even Granny's ACCN stream was working for our football game Saturday, at least the underlying HLS stream URL was (I don't know what Granny's new domain name is for her webpage-based stream players). But it's back to streaming the Tennis Channel now (not unusual). Who knows what it'll be streaming Nov. 9th.

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