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None of this is sanctioned

That's what's always implied, that someone signed off on this. Nobody did, it's just idiots being idiots like in every other profession. Nursing and policing haven't had a great couple of years either.

Most of us are just really tired and trying to plug holes in dams all day long. Maybe, on a good day, we can get to the third level of Maslow's Hierarchy. And, for that, we're way underpaid compared to the level of education we have. When I get to teach a student math, that's actually a high point that I look forward to.

I have a stock two-minute lecture that I give about students disappearing from the classroom, and I have to give it every year, and they still do it, and they still get referrals, and eventually suspensions. Nothing's any different from the 80's. I get older, the high schoolers stay the same.
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