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Another car buying question (SUV-buying, to be more specific)

We need to get a 4th car sometime over the next 8 months or so, as our son will be taking one of our 3 cars to college with him for his sophomore year next fall and our daughter will be a senior in high school and "needs" a car (in quotes because we could probably make do with 2 but let's just assume the decision has been made that we are going to need another car).

Current thinking is to get a new car for my wife and pass her car (a GMC Acadia we bought new 6 years ago) down to the kids. I drive a small sportyish car I intend to keep for several more years and generally favor small cars for myself anyway, and we generally tend to keep cars a long time, so this will be our main family car for the foreseeable future, so it needs to be comfy/roomy enough to be our people-hauler, take family trips, help move kids into college, etc., and have a reasonable expectation of long-term reliability. I am generally not a big fan of SUVs, but it's pretty much a no-brainer that's what we need. We aren't vain when it comes to cars, and my wife honestly couldn't care less what she drives as long as it's not a minivan (which would definitely be in play if it were totally up to me but it's not). On the other hand, we do sort of "like nice things," we do want something pretty nice since this will be our main family vehicle for a good while, and we are blessed to be able to afford to get a "nice" car.

So what would people recommend, say in the $50k to $75k range? The types of things that are crossing my mind are Acura MDX, Kia Telluride, Hyundai Palisade, Genesis GV80, Lincoln Aviator. Wife has a soft spot for Ford Explorers for some reason, I think because she owned a couple a long time ago. Somewhat interested in hybrids and not totally opposed to going fully electric, but a little hesitant because this will be our vehicle for the handful of long car trips we take each year. Inclined to stay away from BMW, Audi, Volvo, Range Rover, etc., for long-term maintenance cost reasons, and because the larger ones may be out of our price range anyway.

Posted: 11/23/2021 at 3:36PM


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