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We testdrove all of those cars along with a few others

not too long ago. Settled on the MDX (see thread below) b/c of price and reliability, but based on test driving, my rankings were:

1: Genesis - this is an extremely nice luxury car. Far nicer than the Mercedes we were trading in and drove better. It's a really nice car, but we just didnt want to pay that much ( I HATE buying cars - not the process, just spending that much $$).
2. Palisade. We were shocked at how nice this car is and how well it drove. The interior size felt more like a Tahoe than a car of similar size. Really impressed with everything about it. Didnt get it because it was going above sticker when we purchased and you had to wait for it. The other issue was realibility. Not that it isnt reliable, just not sure given in infancy in the market.
3. MDX. We bought a new 2020 as there were tons to choose from (this was in May) and dealerships were willing to deal. Test drove one 8 years earlier and it was night and day. Very nice car to drive - drove better than our then current Mercedes. Good size too, even though it doesnt look big. Reliability sold us along with price. It has been great.

45. Pilot - an SUV that is a mini van on the interior. Just break down and get the mini van. Didnt drive as well as the ones above it and the price tag was really high for what it is ($50K for a Pilot??????)

69. Kia Telluride. hated this car - with a passion. Went in thinking we'd buy this car and it just completely underwhelmed. It was the last of all the cars we test drove (and we drove like 6-7 in one day, so I felt like there was a good comparison between them all). Drove like shit, felt plasticy, just nothing good about it after driving all the others.

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