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Same advice I give to everyone

Everyone has their own favorite vehicle and anecdotal evidence is close to useless unless there are a good number of them that all trend in one direction.

Recommendation is to test drive and explore, and not listen to people who say "I have this and like it." You might not. Especially when it comes to these high-end vehicles you're looking at, because the extra money the engineers and designers get means they start looking for ways to differentiate the car as much as possible, and that leads to weird quirks that some people love and some hate. (They don't care if some people hate it, because if enough people love it, then it sells, and second place in the car-buying derby is as good as last.)

Definitely get a list of vehicles and hop in each one and take them for a spin so you know how they drive, how the interior is laid out. Decide what tech you must have and what you can live without; everyone has Apple CarPlay these days, but there are some minor differences.

P.S. To the list of cars you mentioned I would add the Jeep Grand Cherokee L (make sure to differentiate from the regular Grand Cherokee, it's smaller than the ones on your list) and the Jeep Wagoneer. Downside is those are new vehicles in their first or second model year and that can give you a reliability hit; upside is that it's a Jeep, and they know what they're doing in SUV-land.

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Posted: 11/24/2021 at 12:50AM


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