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Was officiating as bad on TV as it seemed in person? Saw a few unique calls

that I hadn't seen before or were questionable. I know whenever someone complains about officiating it comes across as sour grapes and I will say that I don't think we lost because of officiating... but it certainly didn't help out cause. I was sitting in the endzone opposite the hill so I saw a few of these up close. A few points that stuck out to me:

- The roughing the kicker on VT's punt out of the endzone. It looked to me that our player jumped, was undercut by the blocker, and rolled off the blocker's back, just barely nudging into the punter's plant foot well after he kicked the ball. Maybe it was the right call, but I've seen very similar plays not get penalized. Turned a chance for us to take a two score lead into the half into a VT field goal.

- The non-targeting against the VT player that laid out Brennan well after a pass vs. the targeting called against us later in the game. It looked to me that the first targeting where the VT defender hit Brennan was pretty clear so I was surprised to see that waved off while the targeting against us was upheld. I wouldn't complain if the calls had been consistent, but it's the inconsistency that gets me. At the very least that should've been roughing the passer, but I guess they couldn't call that based on replay.

- The offsides call after the fact. In the 3rd quarter, VT got called for an illegal shift that lost them 5 yards. After the ball had been set and VT prepared to snap it, the officials blew it dead and called a very belated offsides. I've never seen that called before and it gave VT a shorter yard to gain.

- The penalty against VT on Keytaon's fumble play. I didn't hear what the penalty was, just that it was a personal foul, but I was confused by it. From where I was sitting, I saw the official throw the flag right as Keytaon fumbled the ball; there was then a scrum where VT recovered the ball. The official then said the penalty occurred after the play was over, meaning Tech kept the ball. However, I can say with absolute certainty that the one of the officials threw the flag while the play was still live. Either they waved off that penalty, or we got screwed.

Anyway, I'm used to Murphy's Law being, well the law, when we play VT in football. Given all the calls that seemingly benefitted them from my vantage point, I can't say I'm too surprised at this point.

Posted: 11/27/2021 at 11:40PM


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