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Can only speak for myself. Love my school and will always be loyal. But

that said, I have been not been this upset about a loss since the infamous 2007 Virginia Pride day loss to VT. I watched with disgust that day as we cowered to silly political correctness which completely deflated our fans who came to see our team play for an ACC title. Then a month later in Jacksonville at the Gator Bowl, I sat in the parking lot and watched a plane go over my head that read "UVA has Virginia Pride, we have the Orange Bowl". John Casteen was standing 50 feet away from me.

On Saturday, it was more coaching decisions that cost us. But to watch VT fans storm our field and our administration not have the foresight to prepare for that and their players plant a flag at midfield and for our players not to care enough to confront them about that quite frankly bothers me. To see Google Maps designate Scott Stadium as "Lane Stadium North" for even a few days pisses me off but our administration probably just laughs.

If our administration and higher ups do not care about football and do not take this rivalry seriously. I'm starting to wonder - Why should I?

(In response to this post by Charleston Cav)

Posted: 12/02/2021 at 09:51AM


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