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Lesson that I'm taking from the Bronco resignation.

My favorite thing about sports is that it's a game that reveals and molds character. I've learned things from watching sports.

The lesson I'm taking from Bronco's resignation is don't try to build your identity as the smartest guy in the room. Maintain your humility.

Suspect the real reason behind Bronco's sudden resignation after 31 years of coaching is shame. From Kris' notes, I noticed that Bronco tried to keep moving in the direction of coaching—going back on the recruiting road, etc.—but he said, it just didn't feel right.

What didn't feel right was Bronco probably saw nearly everyone looking at him sideways, thinking what a stupid set of plays calls on less than 15 yards from the end zone to win the game. Shame.

The lateral to the tackle call would have been a key thing that people kept talking about all year going into next year's Tech game. That choice would haunt him. Looks like Bronco's ego made him resign and run away rather than face discussion.

Now, consider the contrast. Coach Tony Bennett—a two-time national coach of year—always preaches humility. He was nationally humiliated by being the first no 1. seed to lose to a 16 seed in NCAA Tournament history. Shame. The shocking loss was the key thing that people talked about—and chanted about (UMBC)—all the way into the following year's tournament.

How did humble Tony Bennett respond to that shame and adversity? He stayed. Challenging everyone to use the experience as something that could take you higher. And it sure did.

I'm sad for Bronco. In my eyes he's a decent coach who could have become better by courageously owning his own and his staff's weaknesses.

Bronco could have gone on the coaches show and said: This loss hurts. In retrospect, we tried to be too clever. That's on me. I take responsibility for probably overthinking the situation. We'll work together to clean things up.

If Bronco had done that, he could have looked everyone squarely in the eyes and moved forward. Instead, not feeling right made him have to run away.

Bronco and Tony Bennett are lessons for me. Stay humble, no matter what success or talent you have. Tremendous lesson.

Posted: 12/02/2021 at 8:29PM


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