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Been a long time..

So X number of years ago, I honestly don't even remember now how long it's been or even what exactly I did, I earned a ban here. It was absolutely and undoubtedly some idiotic, low brow, fan boy nonsense that nobody including myself remembers. I say this only to thank Kris for unbanning me for this post.

I know this is very late, but I am so so so sorry for the undefinable and unmitigable loss of those whom I am sure all of you consider brothers/adopted sons at this point. I have 20- and 18-year-old sons. I cannot, absolutely cannot fathom what those poor parents are always going to go through for the rest of their lives. That was originally why I requested to Kris. It was strictly for my own selfish need to just express to you guys my heart. More for my need for something I can only describe as some sort of catharsis or closure. I just felt like I needed to say something even though I know none of you need yet another person reminding you of this tragedy or yet another well-wisher reopening a wound that already doesn't want to heal. I remember there were several hoos I really enjoyed reading on this board and interactions were always a good time. Even confusionrains who despised me with the white-hot passion of a newly birthed star, I really couldn't help but like him, lol.. If any of you ever find yourselves in need of a guy who would stand up and defend UVA to his utter demise then I can recommend no better. I am way off point...

Here's the thing. I want to take this opportunity to challenge myself to do more than not forget. I haven't forgotten 4/16. I won't forget 1, 15, 41. But simply not forgetting doesn't go far enough for me anymore. These 3 guys. They are the same guys I've been rooting against all year. Despite all the leadership and brotherhood UVA showed after 4/16 (which I've absolutely never forgotten or lost appreciation for - it was what helped me reconcile your basketball national championship) I did let that slip over time. It just was easier to fall back on old habits and petty grievances.

So, my challenge to myself is to not just forget, but don't wait for the next tragedy to value UVA. Fact is your team is chock full of guys just like those 3. Fact is, VT has kids just like those guys. I've seen plenty of posts on both boards since 1998 to the tune of hope an asteroid crashes into the stadium, would pull for al Queda, etc. You guys have seen them to. Funny thing is that is complete BS. Nobody rallied harder to VT than UVA did. It may be presumptuous, but I was proud of how the VT community has stepped up. It crazy to think about, but I think it's ok for us to care about each other and, gulp, maybe even just slightly like each other.

Anyway, I apologize for the ridiculous self-indulgent post and the length of it, but I've always been on the long-winded side. If Kris is going to let me post one last time I might as well get my money's worth. Be well my Wahoo brother and sisters (Including you Confusionrains and Trigon, lol) and on this Thanksgiving I am thankful to have the esteemed community of UVA to share our Commonwealth together over any other university in this nation.

Posted: 11/24/2022 at 10:46PM


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