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Re: Can someone explain to me what's up with alumni support for swimming?

Many of the knowledgeable posters on this thread for UVa swimming, one that deserves response because of it's magnitude. I rarely post and read Sabre several times per day. It is clear that Dino is, and was a UVa legend. His dismissal, " retirement", is representative of the many changes that have gone on in our society and specifically at UVa.
I imagine, based on the posts by others and my own experiences at UVa, that academic and athletic leadership coward when presented with the " facts?" that led to his ultimate dismissal/retirement. I have very little empathy for UVa athletic or academic administration, in general the University and it's athletic department has thrived DESPITE ineptitude demonstrated by several past University presidents and the most recent group of athletic administrators who have been kept around much too long and have benefited from societal provision. The lacrosse teams, women's tennis, volleyball and softball coaching stories are but a FEW contradictory stories to those who espouse the belief that athletic administration has functioned well. It is my humble opinion that they receive undue credit for the success of the baseball, men' tennis and basketball teams. If memory serves me right, neither TB or O'Connor were first choices, and Boland is leaving. Would be interesting to know the particulars, getting closer to family is always a nice story? What a lucky and entitled ride CL has had, interesting that he was not the first choice for UVa AD at a critical juncture in UVa sports, at a time when UVa sports funding was going to be tiered and UVa swimming was at the bottom tier. The success of his teams, both men and women, in Dino's early tenure made it nearly impossible to defund and down tier his programs. I propose that this early success, combined with Dino's meticulous approach to his craft was intimidating for an AD who was haphazardly gifted his position. Really cannot say much more without violating today's accepted societal norms on political correctness. Paradoxical that several who have inordinately benefited from these norms, used these same norms to oust Dino. History is in the eyes of the beholder, I can tell you all that it is a damn shame what UVa did to a fine man and great coach. No one is perfect, but I would take him, in a heartbeat, over ANY coach that UVa has ever had and that includes all the usual suspects used to legitimize the ideological performance standards of UVa's athletic programs during CL's tenure and that of several UVa presidents. I do not harbor any grievances against the new swim coach, he was presented with the classic " following a legend situation", Busch's scrutiny ONLY magnified by the added fervor of those faithful to Dino and the terms of his separation. I am a UVa graduate on several levels, have been involved since the 70's with the school, was not a swimmer but was a varsity athlete, who was closely involved in UVa athletic department long after my athletic career ended. Based on my observations of all the sports since my matriculation, I do not regret my decision to support swimming, it was because of the man who guided them and the types of kids he recruited, developed and nurtured. The collective athletic, academic and post graduate accomplishments of his kids over the course of his service to the University, and beyond, is undeniable. I hold all those responsible, both athletic and academic, for Dino's SUDDEN departure and the absolute destruction of the UVa FB program. These two events, dovetailed with a number of events over the last decade, including the Rolling Stone fiasco and the attempted impeachment of the UVa president early in her tenure, bring into question the competence and decision-making of those PLACED in charge. For someone like me,the use of tenure, entitlement and the end of one's contract are not sufficient explanation for the incompetence shown on both athletic and academic administrative levels. To end, I am apologize for the ramble, but this has been uplifting for me and something that I feel needed to be said. Fire away if necessary.

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Posted: 03/31/2017 at 11:27AM


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