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The problem is that these boards are a combination

of trash-talk and real insight. Sometimes it's hard to tell who is serious and who's just kidding, and who's trash-talking and who's seriously analyzing.

Years ago, when the boards were new, most of the posters were reasonable and insightful. Sadly, the percentage of that kind of poster has declined, but the biggest impact is the twitter-like shortening of posts for brevity, which also eliminates a great deal of thoughtful analysis.

I think it's a modern cultural phenomenon as much as anything. After all, the comments here pale by comparison to comments anywhere else on the web.

I think most serious posters recognize that VT plays pretty darned good basketball, and that is not going to stop next season because they've lost LeDay and Self Allen. Buzz can recruit, and he can coach. And, as opposed to the biggest of Hoo myths here, VT plays pretty darned good defenseas does UNC.

All this is difficult for me to say, because, living in Roanoke, I hear the Hokie BSPR every day, all day from the Roanoke media, which has got to be the worst anywhere.
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