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¿Que onda, gringos?

Back from Mexico, and boy am I tired. Not a lot of sleep on that trip.

Estadio Azteca was cool. Can definitely see how altitude is an issue. First day we got in I was lightheaded. We were all completely exhausted and bent over trying to catch our breath after losing our shit after the goal.

Estadio Azteca was also bullshit. No water or beer for the gringos. There weren't really any concession stands on the concourse in our section. The only way to get stuff was from stadium hawkers walking around. Food was plentiful, beer and water were absent, and soda vendors were not so plentiful. Chants of "We Want Cerveza!" occurred prior to the game.

Not sure if they showed it on TV but the sections to the left and right of the US fans were kept empty, and only a small section of Mexican fans in the upper deck below us (and with a fence between). I didn't see anything get thrown into the US section, but I was also watching the game most of the time. I did see some stuff thrown from the upper deck down to the lower deck at the end of the game. Guess if you're an El Tri fan you just gotta throw something at somebody? On Big Soccer there are a few reports of things being thrown at us, but it sounds like it was pretty sparse.

They also make you pay for toilet paper. You go up to the nice lady holding the roll outside the bathroom. I assume this is to keep opposing fans from intentionally clogging the toilets or taking the toilet paper out and throwing it around the stadium.

Our tickets were, I think, in one of the sections closed off to fans. They just make every US fan go to the same area and it's general admission regardless of what your ticket says. I went to the bathroom after we got seats and as I'm walking out two guys are like, "I think our seats our down there" looking at a completely full group of seats. I told them it's a free for all and you better just find an open seat.

Massive police presence. We took the subway/light rail in and had no issues. Got a few looks. Hung out in the parking lot for a couple of hours beforehand and didn't have any problems. Got a few jeers/slurs thrown our way, probably way less than you'd expect as an opposing fan at an NFL game or a lot of college football stadiums. A lot of people wanted to take pictures with us. Especially with the guy wearing american flag overalls (and nothing else) with a flag that said "resist the shit Trump" in Spanish, and the 6'10" or so guy. It was funny when two twin little girls, probably 5 or 6 years old were standing next to him. Not sure the dad backed up enough to get anything more than their heads in the frame. A lot of people also wished the US luck, and those Mexicans that spoke English started up conversations with us.

We just jumped on random AO bus back (thanks suckas, ain't paying your outrageous prices!). Pretty cool, they gave us a police escort all the way back to the hotel and had the highway and the streets shut down to traffic. There were A LOT of US buses in the lot, I think they did a few waves of escorts back to the hotel.

Great trip. Glad I did it. Don't feel the need to necessarily go back again, but I definitely wouldn't be opposed to it and will likely consider it again next WCQ cycle.

Also got to meet Jimmy Conrad and ended up sitting/standing directly behind him.

Posted: 06/14/2017 at 10:56AM


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