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The more I watch the replay the more I think the crash was all Cav's fault

In the first place, it looks like Sagan is not staying on his line, but then no one else is staying on their line either. The entire group was racing single file down the left side of the road, and then when they get to within 200 meters they begin to branch out to the right as each rider is trying to find a clear way to the finish. Cav comes up behind Sagan and then tries to pass Sagan on the right into a gap that's too small after Sagan has already committed to his line at that point.

With respect to the elbow, Cav actually comes up into Sagan and leans hard into him because he sees he does not have room. Because of that contact, Cav is already going down before Sagan puts his elbow up (which to me looks like a reflex action that you do to keep yourself upright), and if you slow it down it appears that Sagan's elbow did not even make contact with Cav. You look at Sagan's elbow in context with his other body movements and it looks to me like he was just trying to stay upright, not bump someone into the barriers.

I never harbored any ill-will towards Cav, but his statements today on the matter make him look like an arrogant whiner, and his comment about how he was in position to win -- I mean dude, man up and take some responsibility for your own actions. As far as winning goes, he was already crashing before Sagan did anything. He basically threw himself against Sagan, who held his ground, which caused him to crash himself into the fence. Now he doesn't have the stones to stand up and admit he screwed up. Instead he says to the media this morning that the reason so many people are sticking up for Sagan is because people do not like him. Sheesh!

I'm really disappointed in the UCI and cynical about the rest of this race and pro cycling in general for that matter. This obviously knee-jerk political move doesn't just hurt Sagan, it hurts his team, it hurts the entire peloton (outside of Cav's biased team), and it hurts the Tour.

Don't want to sound like I'm beating a dead horse at this point. I'm just really disappointed about this whole thing.

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Posted: 07/05/2017 at 9:45PM


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