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Today the US Soccer organization published an article about today's US-Panama game:

The article, like so many other US Soccer game-day articles published in the past, cites a lot of history info that frankly isn't relevant to the game being played today. For example, today's article gives a table that lists all USA-Panama Gold Cup results going back to 1993. Another chart in the article gives a history of the Gold Cup players that went on to play in the World Cup. So in the 1993 GC to 1994 WC, we see the names Brad Friedel, Cle Kooiman, Roy Wegerle. From the 1888 GC/WC we see Hejduk and Juergen Sommer. In the 2002 GC/WC we see Beasley, Donovan, and Mastroeni. Jumping to the 2009 GC to 2010 WC we see Clarence Goodson and Stuart Holden. And finally in the 2013 GC to 2014 WC we see Besler, Diskerud, Rimando, and Wondo.

None of that is relevant to today's game.

But I'm not one who likes to point out problems without offering a solution of some sort, so I thought to myself, "What might be a more relevant way to look at past games vs Panama?" And what I came up with was to look at previous US-Panama games played by the U23, U20, U19, U18, and U17 teams, since some of the players on those rosters could be playing today.

I found a wiki page that gives the results for US soccer in various years. For example, here's a link to the results for 2016:

I went through the years 2010-2016 (although there weren't any USA-Panama games played in 2010) and created a table (see below) showing when each USA-Panama game was played, which age-group was involved (U23, U20, etc) was involved, the result, the tournament, and where the game was played (country).

Then I added another column that shows the current age of the players who played those games, then sorted the games by that age.

To give an example of this, in 2011 the U20 team played Panama; if they were U20 in 2011, then 6 years later (2017-2011 = 6) they'll be U20+6 = U26. I don't have the roster for that game in 2011 (or any of the games listed below), but I would imagine that some of those players will be playing today, both on the US and the Panama teams.

Below the table I then a) summarized the results so that's it's easier to see what the results were and b) drew some conclusions. Here's the info broken down into two tables, one for serious games and one for friendlies:

Table 1) Serious Games

__Date__YNT+Yrs=Age Teams Score; Event (Location)
20110402 U20+6=U26 USA-PAN 2-0; CONCACAF Ch, Gr B (in Guatemala)
20151006 U23+2=U25 USA-PAN 4-0; CONCACAF Qualifying Ch (in USA)
20120306 U20+5=U25 USA-PAN 6-0; CONCACAF Ch, Gr B (in Panama)
20110218 U17+6=U23 USA-PAN 1-0; CONCACAF Ch, Gr B (in Jamaica)
20150111 U20+2=U22 USA-PAN 0-1; CONCACAF Ch (in Jamaica)
20120510 U17+5=U22 USA-PAN 7-0; CONCACAF Ch SF (in Guatemala)
20170218 U20+0=U20 USA-PAN 0-1; CONCACAF Ch, Gr B (in Costa Rica)

Age _ WDL (Comments)
U26s: 1-0-0 (2-0 win)
U25s: 2-0-0 (4-0 win; 6-0 win)
U23s: 1-0-0 (1-0 win)
U22s: 1-1-0 (7-0 win; 1-0 loss)
U20s: 0-1-0 (1-0 loss)

Conclusion: For players who are currently no less than 23 years old and older, we won all 4 games with 4 clean sheets by an aggregate score of 13-0. Players who are younger (e.g., those who are currently under the age of 22) had a resounding 7-0 win, but also two 1-0 losses. It would be interesting to see if any of the players playing today were on the rosters for those games.

Table 2) Friendlies

__Date__YNT+Yrs=Age Teams Score; Event (Location)
20130119 U20+4=U24 USA-PAN 2–2; Friendly (in Mexico)
20130121 U20+4=U24 USA-PAN 1–2; Friendly (in Mexico)
20130226 U18+4=U22 USA-PAN 1–1; Friendly (in Panama)
20160701 U20+1=U21 USA-PAN 4–0; US Natl Trg Center Inv (in USA)
20160927 U17+1=U18 USA-PAN 1–3; Friendly (in Panama)
20161001 U17+1=U18 USA-PAN 2–0; Friendly (in Panama)

Age _ WDL (Comments)
U24s: 0-1-1 (2-2 tie; 2-1 loss)
U22s: 0-1-0 (1-1 tie)
U21s: 1-0-0 (4-0 win)
U18s: 1-0-1 (2-0 win; 3-1 loss)

Conclusions: Here the results are very even (2-2-2), but hey, they were friendlies, so they're probably not as telling as the non-Friendies given in Chart 1.

Finally, if anyone's interested, here's a chart that shows which teams were given on those wiki pages:
2016: Sr team, U23 U20 U19 U18 U17 U16 -----
2015: Sr team, U23 U20 ----- U18 U17 ----- U15
2014: Sr team, U23 U20 ----- U18 U17 ----- -----
2013: Sr team, ----- U20 ----- U18 U17 ----- -----
2012: Sr team, U23 U20 ----- U18 U17 ----- -----
2011: Sr team, ----- U20 ----- U18 U17 ----- -----
2010: Sr team, ----- U20 ----- ----- U17 ----- -----

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Link: here's the US Soccer article:

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