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The concept of a

My problem is with the very concept that a team can employ a one-size-fits-all, "System" that utilizes a limited quiver of tactics that are employed, all the time, in every single situation, against every single opponent. A transmission that has only one gear!
My reasoning is as follows:
1. All "Systems" utilized against resisting adversaries have a limited shelf life. The Lombardi sweep, the Al Davis stretch the field, Walsh's West Coast, Buddy Ryan's 46 defense, and the Redskins' Smurfs were all rendered impotent by easily imitated tactical adjustments. When one examines each of the above listed "Systems", it becomes apparent that the athletic superiority of individual players in those systems had as much to do with their success as the tactics employed. (Montana and Rice, et al).
2. By its very definition, reliance upon a "System" limits the team's ability to adopt individual tactics to defeat the particular strengths and weaknesses of their individual opponents. It is always,"Let's run them into exhaustion."
3. Coach Tiffany's "System" is even more vulnerable because its success is absolutely dependent upon an extremely complicated coordination between offensive and defensive tactics. That coordination is physically possible for short stretches, but impossible for 60 minutes, 17 times in a row. The danger is that the fantastic beauty and exhilarating spectacle when it IS working is extremely seductive and tends to blind its proponents to its inherent weaknesses. To expect that level of intensive coordination is simply a bridge too far in a conference loaded with similarly skilled opponents.
4. Its failure will be defined by the level of its success. In other words, the more success that the "System" generates the greater the opponents' efforts to implement tactics to defeat it. There are a lot of smart coaches out there and it only takes one to develop the vaccine. When was the last time you even thought about Smallpox or Polio?
5. The Greek phalanx, the fortified castle, the cavalry charge, and the dreadnought, were all judged invincible in their day but have now gone the way of the dodo. The substitution of a "System" for a flexible, ever-evolving, ever-adapting approach is pure folly.
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