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My question was addressed to you, personally

My question was addressed to you, PERSONNALLY, yet your response ignored the question and instead hid behind the fact that others held the same opinions as you.
You also readily admit that some of your criticisms are "unfair." Then what, in the hell, is your PERSONAL motivation for publishing them on a public forum? What, besides further publicly denigrating a good man?
Can you not find it in your heart to restrain the impulse to disparage a good man who is obviously trying to deal with a very public fall from lacrosse grace in the best way that he knows how?
In other circumstances, Coach Starsia could have easily continued to satiate his competitive energies by pursuing his profession at another school, however that would have required him to uproot his two daughters from an educational environment in which they were thriving. I judge his decision to forgo those opportunities to prove his critics wrong and remain in Charlottesville as evidence of great character and personal self-sacrifice.
Maybe this Board could collectively cut the man some slack in the acknowledgment that his writing remains the only outlet personally available to him. Can we not, instead, cherish the great years of the past and focus our energies in anticipation of the greatness that is yet to come?

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Posted: 09/07/2017 at 12:34PM


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