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Have a set of splits for you

No non-con at all except Villanova

Jerome first 12 (first Louisville game through second Louisville game)

small-ball (133 possessions) Oeff: 1.282 ppp, Deff: 1.067 ppp, Net: 0.216 ppp
2-big (98 possessions) Oeff: 0.910 ppp, Deff: 0.897 ppp, Net: 0.013 ppp

Jerome last 11 (second VT through Florida)

small-ball (203 possessions) Oeff:1.098 ppp, Deff: 0.995 ppp, Net: 0.103 ppp
2-big (110 possessions) Oeff: 0.893 ppp, Deff: 0.897 ppp, Net: -0.004 ppp

There does not seem to be any change in relative small-ball vs. big lineup performance. The team was performing much better in the first 12 games so his performance was above average but not exceptional in small-ball, and well below average in 2-big.

But in the final 11 games the team performance tanked, but really only when Jerome was sitting since his own numbers did not change. So relative to the team his small-ball performance was exceptional in the second half of the season and his 2-big lineups were team-average (which was pretty bad compared to the beginning of the season).

I really think Jerome is ready to take on a huge role for the team next year. Down the stretch he and Hall were part of our successful small-ball lineups.

Another set of lineup numbers to consider:

Share of his possessions that Jerome shared with other players:
Small-ball lineups: Hall 77%, Perrantes 72% (vs. Hall 84% and Perrantes 82% in all small-ball lineups)
2-big lineups: Hall 32%, Perrantes 50% (vs. Hall 67% and Perrantes 84% in all 2-big lineups)

So while Jerome got slightly more 2nd-teamers in his small-ball lineups, in his 2-big lineups his floor time with Hall and Perrantes dropped significantly.

(In response to this post by Wahoo2000)

Posted: 09/12/2017 at 6:12PM


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