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Post combos from last season

There has been some discussion about how Huff will integrate into the Wilkins-Salt-Diakite rotation. Just for perspective, here is how the post combos were used last season. This is just for conference+Nova+post-season play (last 23 games of season), and just reflects scoreboard results when each combo was used.

None means a 1-big small-ball rotation, most often with Hall as the 4 but sometimes with Shayok and rarely Thompson. None-None means 5-guards (some end-of-game situations and the UNC-W game).

Wilkins-Salt (360 poss - 11 mpg): Oeff: 1.056, Deff: 0.876, Net 0.166
Wilkins-None (238 poss - 7 mpg): Oeff: 1.127, Deff: 1.059, Net: 0.068
Wilkins-Diakite (182 poss - 5 mpg): Oeff: 1.067, Deff: 0.876, Net 0.191
Salt-None (171 poss - 5 mpg): Oeff: 1.030, Deff: 1.069, Net: -0.040
-----growing sample size issues below, proceed with caution-----
Wilkins-Reuter (114 poss - 3 mpg): Oeff: 1.112, Deff: 1.125, Net -0.013
Diakite-None (87 poss - 2.5 mpg): Oeff: 1.060, Deff: 0.967, Net: 0.094
Diakite-Reuter (86 poss - 2.5 mpg): Oeff: 0.871, Deff: 1.057, Net: -0.186
Salt-Diakite (62 poss - 2 mpg): Oeff: 0.855, Deff: 0.937, Net: -0.082
None-None (43 poss - 1 mpg): Oeff: 1.250, Deff: 1.122, Net: 0.128
Reuter-None (34 poss - 1 mpg): Oeff: 1.314, Deff: 1.364, Net: -0.049
Salt-Reuter (8 poss - 0 mpg): Oeff: 1.111, Deff: 0.625, Net: 0.486

a) When Wilkins was not playing, the team usually went small. The breakdown was: Wilkins-big (19 mpg), other-small (10 mpg), Wilkins-small (7 mpg), other-big (4.5 mpg). Yes, we played 17 mpg of small ball in conference+ play last season.
b) The coaches had very little confidence in Salt+Diakite. They were more comfortable putting Salt and Diakite alongside Hall/Shayok (7.5 mpg) than each other (2 mpg).
c) Diakite was mostly a 5 last season used in lieu of Salt, though he was used as a 4 alongside Reuter in 'second-team' duties.

Looking forward, there will be competition between Salt and Diakite for sharing minutes alongside Wilkins. I think Huff's best opportunity for minutes is developing chemistry with either Salt or Diakite. He can provide additional lineup options for the coaches while Wilkins sits besides using Hall/Hunter at the 4. That is 14-16 minutes per game that Huff could really help fill a void in.

What I am saying is that I view Huff as Wilkins back-up, not his companion, and he is competing with Hall/Hunter for who plays alongside Diakite/Salt when Wilkins rests.

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