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Re: I've been reading Jon Meachum's

I have not read Meachum's book on Jefferson but I am curious to do so.

As for the claim Adams plotted to establish a Royal bloodline to replace Washington, I think you might want to double-check that reference. It was Adams who was Washington's vice president and Adams believed fervently that he was the heir apparent, so it seems especially unlikely that Adams or the Federalists who supported him would want anyone but Adams to follow Washington as president in 1796.

In 1800, when Adams sought a second term and was opposed by Jefferson, Jefferson paid someone who used to work for him at the State Department to write false and libellous articles about Adams, and one of the made-up charges was that Adams was plotting to have one of his sons marry an English royal to create a bloodline so that monarch could usurp American democracy. The same paid hack wrote that Adams was a hermaphrodite who paid prostitutes of both genders to come to the White House. There was not an ounce of truth to either claim.

Perhaps Meachum dug up new evidence, so I will have to check that out, but at first blush, the claim seems too much like the proven libellous attacks on Adams.

That said, there were certainly Federalists who feared mob rule more than the imposition of a monarch, especially after heads began rolling in France, and they felt greater allegiance to England than to France.

(In response to this post by Roanoke Rich)

Posted: 09/15/2017 at 12:22AM


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