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How aggravated would you be? doctor experience

so, i had a fairly violent misstep while trail running Monday night. at first thought i had sprained my ankle. as the dust settled i realized the pain was in my foot and it was bad, worse than other twists from the past.

so i call my PCP who gets me in for an xray on Tuesday. he looks at the xray and tells me he THINKS he detects a fracture but he wants radiology to confirm. he says that i WILL GET a call yesterday (Wednesday). he warns that, if there IS a fracture that there could be a blood flow problem and that my running career could be cut short if not dealt with properly (he would recommend an orthopedic).

so, anyway, when by 3PM yesterday i had not gotten the promised call, i left a follow up message on the online "mychart" they tell me to use just asking what is going on and requesting the promised call. still having heard nothing, today i call and find out my doctor is off today but that i can leave a message with another doctor's nurse. i did that a couple hours ago. a buddy i have in the medical field says that he could get an ortho to look at the x-ray for me right away if i could get my hands on it. so i call and ask for the xray - the lady won't let me do anything other than leave another message for the nurse.

so, at this point i'm pretty pissed. although i can't decide if i truly have a gripe or if i am more butthurt and just need to settle down and just wait until someone gets back with me. in the meantime i'm walking around on this foot, which didn't seem to be a big deal when they were going to get back with me right away.

so, would you be aggravated or is this typical and i should just chill out? TIA

Posted: 10/12/2017 at 11:32AM


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