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I'm not sure you know what a straw man is

I haven't misrepresented your argument. You keep arguing that Graham's hosts shouldn't have taken him to Foxfield because Foxfield is likely to give a bad impression. I rebut this with:

1. His hosts expected Foxfield to give a *good* impression because it does for almost everybody who attends. Their own experiences with Foxfield had been positive. They had probably had guests at Foxfield in previous years (because lots of UVA students do) who had enjoyed the day.
2. According to Mg, Graham chose to go to Foxfield and the reasons he gave (looking for parties and women) align very well with Foxfield.
3. Foxfield is not what you think it is. It is not monolithic in any cultural way. Having fun there is much more of a unifying theme than any skin color, than any geographic home, and than any economic background. You have no authority to refute this point because you have no experience with the event.
4. If an "outsider" perspective on UVA is valuable, isn't that what Graham was trying to cut through on his visit? He did a much more thorough job of investigating the nature of Foxfield than you ever have done. He reached his own conclusions (which are probably overblown here based on a comment or two he may have made), and I can respect that. At least if he says something about Foxfield, he's not talking out of his backside.

Yes, Foxfield can give a bad impression. Graham may be part of the very small portion of people who have attended Foxfield to have a bad impression. The players who hosted him did not make a bad decision in taking him because that bad impression was unlikely.

You don't know anything about me, but I am sure you're as willing to draw conclusions based on limited evidence about me as you are about Foxfield.

(In response to this post by ThatDadgumBiscuit)

Posted: 10/12/2017 at 1:45PM


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