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Bitcoin has become an unregulated financial security

If you have studied economic history, there are ways for unregulated financial products to be pumped to ridiculously high levels of paper value by leveraging that paper value to bid up even more of it.

Things that regulated exchanges cannot do:
1) Create account value out of thin air in order to purchase assets (this would be known as fractional reserve banking - something normally only banks are allowed to do - except instead of lending money against collateralized assets, they are just crediting themselves with dollar-denominated assets made out of thin air called Tether).
2) Engage in wash trading using sock-puppet accounts in order to increase apparent volume and liquidity.
3) Not perform any audits or independent 3rd party review of declared assets and to ensure no mixing of company and user accounts.

Ask yourself this hypothetical. What will you do if the exchange you use declares that no more withdrawals are allowed until further notice and absconds with all the money you think is yours?

If you play in this space, do NOT keep any significant account value in a wallet for which you do not have the private key. If you have $10,000 at Coinbase, tomorrow you may have $0 and you will just be another creditor in line. If you have 100 BTC at Coinbase, tomorrow you may have 0 BTC or those BTC may be worth $0 and all you will have is a legal claim against an entity that is incorporated in a foreign country with no assets that any US court can reach.

And it you have any USDT (known as Tethers) you are holding air designed to look and feel like dollars but which are not. Get rid of it now if you can and get all of your funds out of any exchange that deals in Tethers. They are all bankrupt because they have no assets by which to redeem those Tethers, because no assets were used to create them.

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Link: Pump and pump

Posted: 12/06/2017 at 2:07PM


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