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As long as the price of BTC keeps going up, most people are willfully blind

Lot of paper millionaires and billionaires right now who need new fish to keep coming in or the music stops. USDT has been generated whenever the price of BTC dips and people start wanting to cash out. It is sort of like central bankers printing Treasury notes to pump the US economy, except in this case the fake money can only be used to buy BTC which pushes the price back up.

BTC will survive since it does have some intrinsic utility, but its price right now is not at all based on that utility, and its markets (the BTC exchanges) are being massively manipulated right now by insiders. The owners of several exchanges have their own margin accounts at those exchanges doing their own trades (are they peeking at the order book as well as incoming deposits? whose balances are they even using for margin? who can stop them?). Some of these exchanges also allow wash trades (selling to yourself).

It is a Wall Street wet dream - in the BTC realm if you run a popular exchange you can be the trader, the market-maker, the banker (since you hold customer deposits at undisclosed and unaudited institutions), the central banker (by printing your own tokens/IOUs to pay people in rather than USD), and the auditor (since you don't have any nor do you disclose your assets or ownership).

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