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The reason why some posters are having meltdown re Ty's play

It's simple: We've noted the perceptibly slow development of guys like Darion Atkins, Mike Tobey and, in particular, Devon Hall (now in full blossoming mode) in recent years and have expressed varying degrees of frustration on this board. But none of them have been charged with directing our offense or have the ball in their hands on virtually every trip down the floor.

For the four previous seasons - which takes in the lion's share of unprecedented success for Bennett Ball - London has guided our offense. And since he was a first year, we (and the pundits) marveled at how poised he was (qualitative) and how great his assist-to-TO ratio was (quantitative).

Now comes LP's successor, Ty Jerome, and our bar has been set so high. Like Tony says about his young players, last season we saw glimpses of how good Ty can be, despite the fact that he missed virtually all of his senior year of high school ball. But this season, he's in the spotlight, being asked to guide the offense. And what immediately comes to mind as a comparison is London. Of course, we could also compare him to Jontel Evans, but that's a largely faded memory.

Concern about his handling the press grew with a couple of lax TOs against Wisky's press in a game we pretty much had in hand.

Then we faced WVA in Morgantown and a player who may just be the most NBA-ready guy in the country - Javon Carter. Javon picked Ty's pocket and then, more unfortunately, Ty committed back-to-back TOs braced around an off-the-ball foul (a questionable call in Tony's mind) in crunch time.

I certainly wasn't happy about his play in the last couple of minutes. I suspect not many of us were. But behind the level of heat on Ty with many posters is acknowledging the critical role he plays - and will continue to play - WHILE HE DEVELOPS! And for those of us who believe Nigel is the answer, understand that relegating Ty to back-up status might (I say, "MIGHT") be a solution but a short-term one at that. Because that move almost certainly would (a) delay Ty's development for next season when the team will need him even more (no Nigel, no Devon, no Isaiah, with no first-year ready PG coming into the program) and (b) may cause a bit of a dent in the mental aspect of his game.

So as difficult as it may be for some posters to have patience ... BE A BIT MORE PATIENT!! We talked about bumps along the way and two steps forward, one step back. I dare say if most of us were told we'd be 11-1 heading into ACC play, we would've signed up for it. (And I'm not taking any of the next 3 contests for granted, given the outcomes of various games last night.)

We'll be fine, and Ty will continue to develop. There's so much more that has gone right this season (Hunter's defense, Isaiah's offense, Devon's offense, Kyle's ability to get to the hoop, Mamadi's development and Nigel's speed and ability to dish). BE CALM! (or at least a little calmer-lol)

Go 'Hoos as we suffer from exam-break withdrawal.

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