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Stats for Ty, London (Soph)and Nigel

Here are the stats for all three PGs using Londons soph year

25 MPG
40% FG
36% 3FG
2.2 Reb per game
2.7 A per game
1.1 Steals per game
1.6 TO per game
7.3 pts per game

33 mpg
35 FG%
32 3FG%
2.6 Reb per game
4.6 assists per game
0.8 steals per game
1.5 TOs per game
6.4 pts per game

20 MPG
34 FG%
26 3FG%
2.7 Reb per game
2.2 Assists per game
1 steal per game
.8 TOs per game
5.6 pts per game

If you are unbiased and look at the stats they are comparable and Ty is better in most categories especially shooting even though everyone is stating his shot is off. London averaged the same amount of TOs his sophomore year. I am sure there wasnt anyone saying he was loose with the ball and couldn't handle pressure. I don't think so. London was allowed to grow and learn and get better and he became the PG that he is today because of that. But his stats besides assists were not spectacular and his shooting was actually below average yet he is revered for that season on this board. So yes Ty has had some bad moments but his bad moments seem to be on par with the what London did as a soph. Also Nigel is not doing much better in similar minutes so I think everyone has to relax and stop rewriting history and let Ty learn on the job and get better as the season goes. We are 15th in country and are primed to have a good season. Let's enjoy it

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Posted: 12/07/2017 at 12:32PM


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