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Eh, I think that's overstating it.

Ty's had 5 games so far in which he's shot 34% or worse, and 4 games in which he's shot better than that.

His 4 good nights (shooting), have been vs Austin Peay, VCU, Vandy, and WVU. Added up, its kind of interesting.

In his good games, on average, he's 3.8-6.5 (58%) overall, which breaks down to 2.2-3.8 (59%) from 3 and 1.5-2.8 (54%) from 2.

In his bad games, on average, he's 1.8-6.8 (26%) overall, which breaks down to 0.6-3.6 (17%) from 3 and 1.2-3.2 (38%) from 2.

So, overall, his shot volume and 2 vs 3 distribution are almost exactly the same whether he's having a good night or a bad night. The only different is the % that go in, and most (though not all) of that variance is in his his 3-point shots. Which makes sense because 3-point accuracy is more variable than 2 point accuracy, and its the bulk of the shots that he takes anyway.

You could also break his games down into low-volume games (4 or fewer attempts) or high-volume games (5 or more attempts). He's had 4 low volume games, and 5 high volume games. But so far there's no trend towards good or between with his volume. His low-volume games have split evenly between good and bad, and his high volume games have split 2 good vs 3 bad.

Really, the only breakdown that says anything to me is chronological. Jerome's played in 9 games so far, and his first 5 games played accounted for 4 of his 5 high volume games *and* 3 of his 4 good games.

So, in his first 5 games, 80% of them were high volume games and 60% of them were good games. The only one of the lot where he didn't attempt more than 4 FGs was the Austin Peay game where he only played 15 minutes. Since then, he's played in 4 games, only 1 was good (WVU) and only 1 was high volume (Wisconsin).

Vandy was game #5, so lets exclude that one and compare the first 4 to the most recent 4.

In his first 4 games, Jerome attempted 30 FGs (17 3s and 13 2s), or 7.5/game and that's reduced slightly because of reduced playing time in the Austin Peay game.

In his last 4 games, Jerome attempted 21 FGs (9 3s and 12 2s) or 5.2/game. So, he's attempted fewer FGs/game overall, and its mostly because he's nearly cut his 3-point attempts in half (while his 2s are barely reduced).

There are many possible reasons for this. The first 4 games were against vastly weaker opponents than the last 4 games resulting in more good looks. Or the last 4 games may have been against teams that did a better job of running him off the 3 point line.

Its a very small sample, so obviously its hard to tell. But it does match up reasonably well with a portrait of someone who's lost confidence in his shooting.
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