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That was already possible under Net Neutrality though

If it was just throttle heavy users, that was already possible under Obama administration rule-making. Any throttling or pricing plans based on raw network usage (either up, down or both) at the consumer endpoint is/was allowed.

But the ISPs decided from a marketing standpoint that consumers would not embrace those plans. Everyone wanted 'unlimited Internet' and anything that was not 'unlimited' was not popular at any reasonable price. The real money though is not in selling bits, it is in selling eyeballs (e.g. the consumer IS the product, not the customer).

Since Net Neutrality did not allow ISPs to sell preferential access to customers (either by zip code or by producer), and instead clung to the model that the retail residential customer is paying for a utility (basic access to the internet), it did not allow ISPs to monetize their gatekeeper ability over their customers browsing habits.

Soon ISPs can send you a bill for connection, and send Netflix a separate bill to carry their bits to you, and the bill they send Netflix can be different than the bill they send some other producer for the same bandwidth. How much are your eyeballs worth to Netflix? That is what the ISPs will try to charge Netflix to access your eyeballs.

Netflix and other producers will have to decide how to wield their own influence. Since ISPs are often monopolies or duopolies in lots of markets, it will be hard for Netflix to withhold their content if they feel they are getting gouged.

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Posted: 12/07/2017 at 2:26PM


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