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Re: I'm Not So Sure That's the Case Anymore

This is an impossibly complex one with nodes of influence well beyond Littlepage & Oliver. The immediate aftermath of 2010 didn’t impact UVa men’s lacrosse first or hardest. You alluded to the Bernardino exit in 2013. That’s the exact moment where it went very wrong in the Athletic Department administration, IMHO.

First, go backwards. In May 2010, close to immediately after the event, a collection of administrators at least including Littlepage, Allen Groves, Ken Elzinga & President Sullivan met with Dom and University outside counsel. The topic was whether the team should proceed to participate in the NCAA tournament. The team was excellent that year & considered a near lock to make a Final Four with a decent shot to win it. The painful question asked, as I understand it, was ‘how could we live with the possible spectacle of our team raising a trophy on the field mere weeks after this happening?’there wasn’t a good answer, but we did participate & the die was cast.

An outgrowth of that was a zero tolerance policy on a walk forward basis. Any & all violations of team rules would report in parallel to both Littlepage & Groves. This was at Groves’ insistence for, what I will always believe, good reasons. There could simply be no possibility again of another incubation of a kid in trouble for years off radar. The unintended consequence was that Littlepage, who had little appetite for getting mired in sanctions deliberations over non-revenue student athletes missing study hall, being cited for underage drinking, etc., outsourced all of it to Oliver. And that was a common disaster from the jump.

It was no secret that Oliver kept a copious folder of ‘dirt’ in each program. College kids getting popped for peeing in the bushes or carrying an alcoholic drink near Rugby Road, missing mandatory study halls fills a file fast. It’s called going to college. After 2010 all exiting 4th year student athletes were exit interviewed. Not shockingly, it wasn’t difficult to procure some negatives out of a nominal subset of chagrined exiting student athletes in a confidential interview setting. The first casualty of this was Bernardino in 2013; a coach that Oliver had an acute amount of animus toward. I think that was the point where Groves realized that the zero tolerance policy had been weaponized, but it was already too late. Littlepage was tone deaf to the process & Oliver was emboldened by the process when he was able to drive Bernardino out. Let’s also not forget that Dino’s men & women hadn’t lost an ACC championship in over half a decade & had two Olympic gold medal winners the year prior. The catalyst or cause wasn’t program performance. The catalyst was Jon Oliver decided didn’t like you.

My feeling is that to a person, Dom was & remains good people. I also think he burned a lot of credibility among non-athletic department administrators — particularly Groves — with the early recruiting circus. The nepotism & player favoritism stuff sure didn’t help, but the exilir for all that shouting being reduced to a mumble is winning. We haven’t heard a lot of noise over Danowski’s son coaching at Duke. The point is if you had liabilities in Jon Oliver’s files, you need assets. Those assets aren’t just winning — or Bernardino would be the UVA swim coach today —they are UVA non-athletic department administrative advocacy assets. At bottom, I believed Dom lost the wrong ones in 2013-14. No amount of winning would’ve rehabilitated that.
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