Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities has a wealth of long-term sponsorship and short-term advertising opportunities. We can accommodate you for as little as $50, or you can buy a high-exposure sponsorship for $600 or $750 per month.

Here’s a list of our offerings — we’ll provide lots more detail in a moment, and help you figure out what will work best for you.

Long-term Sponsorships

  • 6 or 12 month contracts, best exposure and best value
  • Site sponsorship – $600/month
  • Full sponsorship (site + social media) – $750/month

Short-term Advertising

  • Available a-la-carte, for any duration
  • Home page “super banner” – $150/day (example)
  • Message board “sticky post” – $50/day (example)
  • Article sponsorship – $100 per article, or $250/month (4 articles) (example)
  • Page sponsorship – $100-500/month (pending page traffic) (example)
  • Promotional Tweet – $50/tweet (sample)
  • Facebook promotion – $50/post (example)
  • Rotating banner ads – cost depends upon number of ads purchased; see below.


Sponsorship and Advertising Details

Site Sponsorship – $600/month

A Site Sponsorship (6 or 12 month contract) includes:

  • Two days of home page super banners per month
  • Two days of message board sticky posts per month
  • Four sponsored articles per month
  • A fixed 160×60 button ad in the right-hand border of the home page on the site (example)
  • Sponsorship page listing (example)

Full Sponsorship – $750/month

A Full Sponsorship includes all the elements in a Site Sponsorship, plus promotion on our social media channels:

  • Two promotional Tweets per month on’s Twitter account (example)
  • One Facebook promotional post per month on’s Facebook page (example)
  • Other social media channels may be added soon.

Home Page “Super Banner” – $150/day

Your extra-large banner ad will appear at the top of’s home page, which receives 5.8 million views per year (approx. 16,000 views per day)

Here’s what it looks like (Example: UVA Bookstores “Baseball National Championship Gear”)

Super Banner Sample

Message Board Sticky Post – $50/day

Your promotional message appears at the top of our message boards for 24 hours. It looks like a regular post and stays pinned to the top of the board.

Here’s what it looks like (Example: UVA Bookstores National Championship Gear/30% new subscriptions sticky posts):

Stick Post Sample

Article Sponsorship – $100 per article, $250 per month (4 articles)

Your company name and logo appear with the words “sponsored by” within an article on the site. Your company name is also mentioned as part of the article promotion on the message boards. You can either sponsor one article for $100 or four articles (spread out in a month) for $250.

Example (click here to see a sponsored article)

Sponsored article sample

Page Sponsorship – $100-500 per month (depending on page traffic)

Your company name and logo appear with the words “sponsored by” on a specific page of the site. This option includes the ability to sponsor specific areas of the site such as NewsLink, the Men’s Basketball Schedule, Hoos Talking, and more. Your company name is also mentioned as part of the page promotion on the message boards (for example, when NewsLink is updated each morning). You can sponsor multiple pages to really brand your business.

Example (click here to see a sponsored page by Ortho Virginia)

Page Sponsor Sample

Twitter icon Promotional Tweet: $50 per tweet

We’ll tweet out your sponsor message and a link to your site. nearly 2,800 Twitter followers.

Example (click here to see a promotional tweet)

Sponsored Tweet Sample

Facebook icon Facebook Promotion: $50 per post

We’ll promote your business on our Facebook page, which has almost 1,800 “Likes.”

Example (click here to see a promotional Facebook post)

Sponsor Facebook Sample

Rotating Banner Ads

You can purchase ad campaigns to run in our 728×90 banner ad position. Your ads will rotate with other ads. The cost depends upon the number of ads you purchase and the length of the campaign, but some examples are shown below.

  • 200,000 ads in one month: $1,000 ($5 per 1,000 ads served)
  • 1 million ads in three months: $3,000 ($3 per 1,000 ads)
  • 6 million ads in one year: $12,000 ($2 per 1,000 ads)


Payment Options

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Check

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