2003 South Carolina Game Analysis

“I would have to say that nobody had a very good game, from the coaches all the way down to the players.”

Virginia head coach Al Groh pretty much summed up the Cavaliers’ porous performance in only one sentence after
Saturday’s 31-7 mauling at the hands of South Carolina. A Virginia team that ran out a redshirt freshman at
quarterback was lucky to be in the game at half time, and the only reason it was close at that time was the stellar
first half play of a young Cavalier defense.

On a day when Virginia had a chance to show the country that their rankings in both the writers’ and the coaches’
polls were warranted by winning in an extremely hostile environment, the entire team struggled to do much of anything.
The only bright spot in the beginning of the game – Virginia’s defense – faded through the second half when it was
obvious they were worn out.

Were there any positives in Saturday’s implosion at William-Brice Stadium? Maybe, but you would have to look really
close to find them.