Spring Football Blog: Friday and Saturday Practices

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Why am I spending five hours on a Friday night and Saturday afternoon, much of it standing in the rain, watching college kids practice football? Because I have nothing better to do? Possibly. Because I don’t have a real job? Certainly. But also so I can let y’all know what happened during Virginia’s first two spring practices.

What part of UVa’s offense looked distressingly familiar? Who looked exceptionally good? Who’s starting right now? And who are some of these guys anyway?

Friday, April 1

So far, Deyon Williams seems to be getting fewer reps than some other wideouts.

Maybe it’s the steady rain. Maybe defenses are just ahead of offenses this time of year. Maybe it’s because Marques Hagans and Christian Olsen aren’t taking snaps. Whatever the reasons, Virginia’s passing game sure looks lousy today.

Kevin McCabe and Scott Deke are taking all the snaps during 11-on-11 drills, and they’re not completing much. They’re both a little erratic. McCabe throws one ball straight to safety Lance Evans for an easy pick. Coach Groh yells at Deke, “Every time, you hold the ball too long back there!”

The receivers also have their problems with the wet ball. Ron Morton drops two that hit him in the hands. Deyon Williams botches an easy one in the end zone. Fontel Mines never seems to get open.

No big deal, right? First day of practice. Yeah, but it would be nice to see evidence that the passing game will improve in 2005. There’s little of that today, though Deke and Bud Davis do hook up for one pretty completion. Or is it Theirrien Davis now?