Spring Football Blog: Sunday’s Practice

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Bummer. I have to miss the spring game to be best man at a friend’s wedding next Saturday. Note to self: Ditch all friends who fail to schedule important life events around UVa sports.

That means this practice is my last chance to check out the Cavaliers before they reconvene in August. Better watch closely. Soak it all in, then spit out astute observations and insightful comments. Or just ramble like a lunatic. Forgive me. It’s my final football fix for four months!


Unfortunately, Dave Leitao’s introductory press conference runs long. I don’t make it to football practice until 3:45, an hour after the start. Hope Coach Groh doesn’t fine me for being late. I ask a friend what’s happened so far. “Nuthin much,” he says. Thanks. Very helpful.


Emmanuel Byers

The passing game gets a lot of emphasis today. In fact, that’s been the case at all of the practices I’ve attended this spring. Makes sense. After all, the ‘Hoos averaged 181 passing yards per game last year, 243 rushing. So the passing game needs work.

And from what I can tell, it needs a lot more work. This practice, like others, is full of drops and errant throws. I hate to sound negative or alarmist, but – it may be time to panic! OK, settle down, it’s just spring. But it’s fair to say this forward-pass deal remains a bit of a concern.

During one hurry-up drill with a spread formation and shotgun snaps, I jot down the results on 11 consecutive plays with Marques Hagans, Kevin McCabe and Christian Olsen each playing QB…

1) Drop (Ron Morton)

2) Incompletion (Pass behind Wali Lundy)

3) Interception (Jamaal Jackson picks off deep pass to Morton)

4) Drop (Theirrien Davis )...